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Weekly Recreational Dance Classes in Sherman Oaks

At Sherman Oaks Dance Academy , we offer weekly dance classes to students as young as 18-months-old. With a range of classes varying in style and technical difficulty, we have something to offer everyone. We cap each class at 12 dancers to ensure each student receives personalized instruction and support. At the heart of every class—tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, or contemporary—is our love and appreciation for movement and form.

Our students receive top-quality training in a supportive environment that promotes self-esteem and creative expression. We are passionate about our craft and welcome dancers of all ages and abilities.

Learn to Dance from Our Experienced Instructors

Sherman Oaks Dance Academy entrusts the best instructors in the field to teach our students. Whether you are interested in weekly recreational classes or advanced technical training, our instructors will work with you to find the program that best meets your needs and goals, as well as your busy schedule. Browse our current class catalogue to find the one that’s right for you.

Parent & Me

18 - 24 months

This beautiful, stimulating dance class uses delightful stories, songs, and props from all over the world. Parent & Me is a wonderful preparatory dance class for your child and a special experience for the parent or caregiver to be involved in.

Ballet / Tap Combination

2 - 7 years old

We’ve incorporated your favorite preschool nursery rhymes and fairy tales into a creative dance curriculum. Exquisite children’s literature and fantastical music will allow your little one’s world to expand into a never-ending wonderland. We offer a delightful approach to your child’s first experience with ballet and tap. As your child grows into new age groups, the course material progresses.

Ballet / Tap

6 - adult

We introduce a progressive and professional approach to classical ballet. Courses progress with difficulty in each age group. We recommend 2-3 classes per week.

Ballet / Hip Hop Combination

3 - 7

An exciting, age-appropriate, and cool class set to the latest pop and R&B tracks. Fun stretching and limbering warm-ups, funky routines and interesting rhythms. Hip hop classes are ideal for students who love to dance and get down!

Hip Hop

3 - adult

An exciting, high-energy class that encourages individual style and personality. We teach you the basic techniques and choreography and invite you to make it your own. Develop coordination, rhythm, and self-expression in this upbeat class. Mini Hip Hop is available for ages 3-5.


6 - adult

Borrowing from jazz, ballet, and post-modern, this class builds upon technical training with an added emphasis individual expression. We focus on spatial and body awareness, fluidity, musicality, and dynamic movements while encouraging personal interpretation.


all ages

Tap is an amazing dance style that helps children develop rhythm and coordination. Children will learn basic tap steps and dance combinations in class. This is a style of dance you won’t want to miss.


5 - adult

The jazz program is perfect for students with the strength, passion, and ability to take their dance training to the next level. We focus on building technique and style in modern jazz, through a progressive syllabus. Includes warm up, across the floor combos covering leaps and turns, and jazz routines in the style of Broadway, Lyrical, and Funk. Our teen classes are cutting edge & challenging.

Don't see your preferred class on our schedule? Complete the following form below, and we will add your dance style to our wish list. You will be first to know if a class is created! In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with any questions.

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